• Danesh Bodetti

A sad goodbye but not the end...

2020 was the biggest change most of us witnessed in our lifetimes. We all had to readjust and live differently. This was no different to the beauty industry. Many salons closed and many staff were retrenched. I'm saddened that we had to close our doors at Phoenix Plaza after 24 years but I was also immensely disheartened this year when I heard that Gerald Wells will be closing their branch at Gateway and that Pravina's Hair Centre at Chatsworth Centre had closed their doors after 30 years. I have worked at the Chatsworth branch so that is especially sad as it was Pravina herself that afforded me the chance and opportunity at Phoenix Plaza. The only consolation is that their other branches are open and that these good people will continue with their excellent service and professionalism. I would also like to thank everyone for their continued support and also Modern Hair for their amazing support of the salon industry.

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