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5 Reasons why you must use a professional Shampoo⭐️

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Welcome to Chrysalis' Blog, where we hope to share a little awareness and insight into professional hair and beauty services and products. On our previous blog, we shared 5 important hair care products, one of which was a salon professional shampoo.

We often get a great treatment and then use whatever is in the shower or whatever bulk size shampoo that was on promotion. This is counteractive and reduces the effectiveness of your treatment.

So here is 5 reasons to use a Salon Professional Shampoo:

  1. A good shampoo is pH balanced and will not cause any adverse reactions or affect our scalps. Some products cause build up which in the long term can cause thinning hair or even falling hair.

  2. Salon shampoo maintains and improves the condition of your hair.

  3. It helps retain your colour as it does not damage your cuticle therefore prolonging the life of your colour.

  4. A salon shampoo lasts up to 3 times longer that an ordinary shampoo which means that it actually may work out cheaper than you expect. You would not use as much as a salon shampoo as it is more concentrated and definitely more efficient.

  5. Most importantly, a salon shampoo saves you time as it makes your hair more manageable.

Hope this has been informative. Thank you for spending some time with me. Before you leave, share with us... What's your favourite salon shampoo?

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